Raising a little Lady.

Ummmmmmm y’all, today was a huge moment for me. I’m a teen mom, yep I had Abby my senior year in high school while Travis was deployed. From the moment I found out I was preggo after breaking into the house my family was just evicted from(that is an entire blog post in itself for later on) to take a test, I knew that I was going to turn this accidental life changing blessing into an intentionally driven family. Which meant trying our best to raise little humans that wouldn’t conform to the “norm” for teen moms and love the journey along the way.

Here we are 15 years later with valleys of mistakes and mountains of triumphs as young parents behind us. We’ve kept our focus of intentionally parenting each one of our kiddos right in front of us. Big step for us as parents……This little lady is wearing lip color for the first time…..and she is rocking it. The best part? Seeing her confidence and hearing the excitement in her voice about how it makes her feel. She knows who she is as much as she can for being 14 and she knows that getting to rock this glorious shade of pink is apart of growing up owning a fun family pampering business.

When she turned 14 she got to wear mascara and up until this point there was a no makeup rule, even when her friends were all experimenting. She squealed with excitement when she opened that box to find all kinds of trial sized mascaras and she was absolutely thankful to get to learn how to use them. Sure I’m a young trendy mom and could have allowed her to jump right into make up tutorials. But that is not what we wanted her to focus on as she was growing into the lady she will go into the world to be. We have one shot to try our best to make sure she knows her true beauty(yesssss, I love the musical Hamilton!!). It’s who you are, not what you can imitate that makes you the unique person you are meant to be.

Our focus with her has been skin care, loving yourself, and allowing your freckles to shine. She learned the power of self love and self care starting at a young age. With our family business being pampering products and helping others learn those same principles, she was able to truly see it’s importance. When she feels her bucket getting low then she knows how to fill it on her own. This is something I think we have gotten too busy to teach, let alone be a good example of. We teach our babies to self soothe so they can sleep better but we stopped teaching our children to know their own self love/care needs and how to fill them. Once I realized she grasped this concept and was teaching others to do the same, I knew she was ready for makeup so mascara then lip color was the perfect step for her.

Lip color brings out confidence that you can see in her eyes and hear in her voice. Made with the best ingredients, the staying power and the deep pigmented color from Vial that for me was icing on the cake. As soon as she put it on, you could see another beautiful layer of her personality shine. And it lasted the entire school day without budging or ending up all over her teeth and face. Empowering without overpowering her natural beauty. Just a touch of mascara, lip color and letting her healthy freckle filled skin glow.

Here we are in our parenting journey and teaching the importance of self love and self care. Have you taken the time lately to fill your own bucket? Are you wanting to try out this brand new lip product, Vial? Well our family absolutely loves to help others with their pampering journey, don’t forget You deserve it and so does Abby!

Many Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Raising a little Lady.

  1. It makes my day reading this. I’ve thought about blogging and telling my story. You are a truly wonderful lady and an awesome mother!

  2. I just love reading anything that you post. You are a rockstar Mom! I hope I can be that for children of my own one day.

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