When we first started this business almost 5 years ago.
“He doesn’t want your success he wants your surrender.” Heard this on K-Love the radio station today and it really made me think about this blessed posh journey that I’ve been on for these last 4.5 years. How I’ve seen the most success when I’ve slowed down and surrendered, every single time.
Fitting posh in my life has been my focus from day one of deciding to work this as a business, I used all of the small moments throughout my busy mom schedule to work and grow my business. Sacrificing my down time of watching my favorite shows, crafting projects or playing my fave video game to instead share pampering products with my friends that I loved. Achieving huge goals without sacrificing things that meant the most like my marriage, family, and friends. The biggest lesson I had to learn on this journey was to surrender and boy have I cherished the close relationship I’ve gained from letting go and letting God pave the way.
See I was a stay at home mom since high school, at that point for 10 solid years and I looked at being a SAHM as my career. Doing my best to keep a routine, plan learning time, set meal plans, keep a clean house, volunteer, play dates and everything else that I thought a SAHM was supposed to be doing. With 4 Little’s close in age(my pack of children as I call them) and being a military family there weren’t a ton of outside the home jobs available to me, for the longest time I was perfectly okay with that.
Then I had this tugging at my heart that I was made for more, to connect on a bigger level with more than just my kiddos and family. The desire to work was always there, not really knowing for certain what I’d be good at or how to use my skills for something bigger, I went to Proverbs 31 to truly calm myself and to seek where I was supposed to be. Then I found the world of network marketing, it was something that I could have fun sharing, do from home and connect with others. I’d never ever thought that I would be a sales person or a leader but here with this posh business it all came natural and wasn’t forced at all. To be honest I signed up for $99 just wanting a discount on these awesome products and truly not thinking this was the path for me but from day one I gave it all up to God.
But I kept hearing God’s voice in my heart getting louder and louder telling me to trust in the path he set in front of me. Like the first time I offered to send samples out to friends(of course I prayed and asked God to show me where to follow), the response was insane with almost 40 requests. So we got to work and got them all packed up to get mailed, mind you money was insanely tight for my family of 6, carrying 2 house payments and hubby was deployed. I remember driving on the highway to the post office with my bag full of pampering sample requests in the back seat of my minivan, tightly griping the steering wheel, knots in my stomach with how much this was about to cost. I calmed myself but surrendering with prayer and asking the lord to continue to bless this path. After waiting in the line, you know that crazy post office line(ha ha), I got up to the desk and the sweet lady used the most patience with my nearly 40 packages. When she rang up the last one and gave me my total, she kindly smiled and said “I’m going to bless you and pay half of your bill.” Goosebumps covered my body and I was shocked, blown away. I thanked her with tears in my eyes and told her how no one has ever blessed me like that, I’m typically the one getting to bless others. Her response? “Well now child, it’s my turn to bless you.” and so I came the next day and brought her a huge pampering basket! But never ever forgot that feeling of being blessed like that, at just the right moment I needed it. When you surrender, you are allowing the blessings to flow in your way.
After that day I surrendered it all and got to work, at first I was working like crazy and had no set boundaries and didn’t really have my own voice yet for our business. My passion for finding myself and pampering others was all I could hear ringing in my ears, enjoying every moment no matter how quickly it was moving. Posh was fitting in my life as a SAHM and the money I was bringing in saved us in so many ways while my husband was deployed, an absolute blessing from above.
I hadn’t hit rock bottom or seen a big change in my family or marriage but there was a feeling placed on my heart calling for balance. My kiddos were growing up so quickly, my hubby took a more challenging job and I was facing some big medical issues, yet I was pushing myself to keep up with everyone. This feeling was the same tugging that I felt years earlier but why now? When my business is growing great, providing for my family and I hadn’t hit a wall.
A feeling I couldn’t ignore, the voice of God saying, this is the path I want you on trust in me. Lean into me and follow what I’ve set up, don’t set your own plans over the path I’ve already laid. Use the gifts I’ve given you after all of these years of devoting your time to your family and community. Here is your warning, don’t wait until you crash from being unbalanced to slow down. So I set work hours, slowed down on events on the weekends, switched my focus on my business to be even more family friendly. My kids have always been a big part of the business for me, they get to be apart of nearly every aspect. Sharing our love for the products, pampering others and learning together what it means to run a successful business. All with trust that the Lord will provide as I follow and surrender.
Boy has he provided!! Since making a few changes I’ve been able to really find my business voice, grow to the top level of our company and grew even closer with my family. Just by surrendering when it didn’t fit into the plan I had set for myself. Surrendering to listen to the small voice can absolutely be nerve wracking because it can be the harder decision but the calmness and peace you get from following that plan is so incredible.
Surrendering is something that I’ve not only done in my business, but in all of my relationships as well. It’s the one thing that I know works no matter what I am facing or how upset I am, letting go and letting God by calmly surrendering is exactly what helps me overcome whatever is laid on my path.
What’s been tugging at your heart? Have you experienced the amazing feeling of surrendering? Listen and go DO it!!!

Blessings for now,


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  1. I felt this very same way a few months ago. I was working 3 jobs, overwhelmed, and still not making enough to pay the bills, let alone get ahead. One morning specifically… I had just been paid, was looking at my bills… and began to cry. I gathered my things and headed out the door to work that day… Spilling my coffee as I got in the car. It was the spilt coffee that broke the camels back… I just gave in. I surrendered to my situation and just asked for guidance and strength. Later that same day I received an email being offered a full-time position within my company. Guaranteed income, benefits, all of it. It was the most amazing feeling to receive such a blessing!

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