Scent is powerful.


Scent is powerful.

One whiff and you are transported to your grandmother’s bathroom washing your hands with the orangeish-yellow Dial soap. Right? You remember the carpet under your toes, the warm fuzzy feeling of being where your parents grew up and just in the other room your amazing Grandmother is there to spoil you with all of her wonderful home made delicacies . Yes, this is a memory that my husband Travis shares every single time he smells Dial liquid Soap and no matter what it brings a smile to his face.

Or how about being taken back to when your fresh premie newborn was put in the NICU in a German hospital that you had no idea how to get to. So you spent all day searching for that hospital to finally find it and be told you had to wait for visiting hours. You counted down the seconds until you could wash your hands, sanitize and get into her room feeling the butterflies of excitment. Every time you are in a hospital and get a whiff of the hand sanitizer/soap it instantly brings back those insane butterflies you had waiting to meet your little one.  This is the scent story that I think of every time I start thinking about how uplifting scents can be.

Scent is Powerful!

Do you have a powerful scent story like us? Share with us below!!!

The scents of our Posh products are something that I was drawn to as a busy mom. No, I didn’t even know that self care was important until I was sharing the products and finally filling up my own bucket by pampering. But I did know that scent was powerful because of one silly momlife confession. Ready for it? Blush Powder.


Yep, Physicians Formula Mood Boosting Blush Powder. It was different shades of pearly pinks and the package boasted about how the scent would lift your mood. That is exactly what caught my eye as a Mom of 4 who got a chance to go to the store ALONE, yes a rare outing but you better believe I cherished walking around that store kiddo free. Knowing I had just had one of those weeks with my 4 kiddos under 6 years old. I was pulled in every direction but finally I had a few moments to destress as I shopped for diapers, wipes, milk, juice, and bubble bath(You know, typical kiddo shopping list). As I was passing the cosmetics aisle(who has time for that stuff, I thought) on my way to bubble bath this Mood Boosting Blush Powder caught my eye. I curiously picked it up and took a big whiff, what happened next was surprising to this tired momma. The scent was a light floral with a tad bit of warm and just all around happy scented and I smiled. I felt “boosted”, hahaha but I was taken back, life slowed down for that moment and I smiled. Then I tossed it in my cart, got home and put it on my towel shelf in my closet(where I would go for a mommy time out, you do that too….right?). I would pick that up and just smell it when I needed a break quickly in the middle of my chaotic yet amazingly packed full momma schedule.

Once I started with Posh, I realized that our non-greasy Hand Cremes did that very same thing for me. The scents made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside which brought a big ole smile to my face. Filling up my self care bucket with just a few seconds of applying hand creme or holding my hand up to my face to breathe in the scent. Over the years I’ve got to share this little self care moment with so many other busy men and women and it’s something I still do to this day. Just taking a few minutes to apply, massage in and then breathe in the wonderful transporting scent.

Here’s a Mini Van unedited youtube tip video about our Hand Cremes that I recorded today for you to hear more about poshy Hand Cremes:



Thanks for reading.

Now go and put on a hand creme just so you can breath in it’s awesome scent to transport you out of your crazy stressful day, you deserve it!



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  1. I love Love love the smell of posh boss! Not only does it have an amazing smell the name makes me work hard!! I am Posh!!!

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