Giving back with Posh Blessings

Our family has always had a giving heart and we’ve found ways to bless others no matter what kind of things we were facing in life. Now that we have Posh Blessings Inc we can not only bless many straight from our company but we can help others raise money for whatever cause, school, group, sports team, family, etc that we can.

Posh Blessings Inc. fundraisers can be done in many different ways and customized for any need. The biggest factor is you and your groups passion to make a difference then we take that and build a giving campaign that works best.

As independent consultants we have the freedom of putting together something unique for every group, a few examples would be:

-selling bath bomb sets for $20 each, each set comes with 5 random(or all the same) Fizi bath bombs. The profit for these sets is over 40% and goes up depending on how much is sold.

-selling a chunk bar or hand creme for $10 each, donating that chunk to your cause/group or to a local charity/teachers/soldier etc and then you’d make 30% on all sales for your cause/group.

-Spa Nights- you’d have your group/school/cause/etc invite everyone they know to a fun pampering night held at your location-everyone pampers then places orders. You’d get 30% of all orders placed that night.

These are just a few of the ways we could raise money together, it’s truly customizable. We want it that way so that your group is the most passionate about sharing so that we can raise the most money for you.

With every fundraiser we can even do top seller prizes for those who help bring in the most orders to add a rad bit of competition in the mix.

We do not make a single penny from any of our fundraising programs and we will always keep it that way. We do keep a % to help with the supplies for each fundraiser.

All selling packets, tester products, training, supplies are provided by us and come with step by step instructions to make the program run as smoothly as possible.

We also offer to open a group on Facebook and a spot here on this blog for everyone to connect. Being able to quickly ask questions can really help the success of any fundraiser.

You can get started today by emailing us at or contacting us at 814-516-7357 so that we can put together a few fundraising plans for you.

Please feel free to ask questions below and help us spread the word about Posh Blessings Inc fundraising programs.

Many Blessings,

Pearsall Family

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