First Posh Experience



December 2012, I finally broke down and gave my friend Trisha $20 telling her to give me some of that Posh stuff she kept posting about. Well she surely spoiled me with all sorts of posh goodies, including the Gender Bender bath chunk bar. Funny name, right? That was my first thought too and then was quickly intrigued by the scent I could smell coming from the wrapper.

As I held that paper wrapped chunk in my hand, I could instantly tell that it was way different than any soap bar I’ve ever used. It was heavy, like way heavier than any soap bar I’ve tried. I put it under my nose to get a good whiff of the scent and oh my gosh it was so good. Boldly clean, with a bit of woods but absolutely gender neutral. Just as the name says, huh. Neat, I thought.

That night when I opened the green paper wrapper I seen that the bar was black. Woah, I had never seen a piece of black soap before. Taking it into the shower with me, I was amazed at how well it soaped up, the suds where so soft and bubbly. The scent filled the shower and it transformed that space into a cup filling pampering experience. In that exact moment I realized the power that using really good pampering products has over your mood. I was a mom who rushed through showering to get back to my littles becaue I knew they’d be into something and never did anything special for myself. Can you relate?

That Gender Bender scent brings me back to this moment every time I smell it as a reminder that I deserve to pamper and fill up my cup too. Tomorrow Posh is launching a hand creme in this very scent and I am beyond excited to get my hands on as many as I can. Our hand cremes are awesome for sure and with it being in this gender neutral scent I know many of you will love it too.


I have legit butterflies for tomorrow and getting to share this First Posh experience with you has been such a blessing to me. Revisiting all of those good vibes has brought a smile to my face and has been a fabulous reminder. What’s your First Posh Experience? Did you too have a moment where you realized the divine power of self care? Share with me below!




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