Verse Mapping

This is just how my brain works when reading the word, I know it’s a bit of a creative mess but honestly this is how I connect on a deeper level. Quieting my heart and brain and truly just jump in to listen to the words used in each verse. Each word was intentionally used and often times we can be moving too quickly to be able to pick up on the full lesson it can give you.

I came up with this process of writing out a verse then underlining the key words that jump out at me and giving them their own broken down definitions on my own. I’ve done many different kinds of group bible studies and believe they’ve all influenced me to study the word this way. As I was sharing these verse maps, I was getting many messages and questions so I figured this would be a fabulous topic to teach and share with everyone here on my blog.

Keeping in mind we all have different views and lessons under our belts when it comes to defining words and what they mean. There is really no wrong way to do this type of word study, if you get hung up on a keyword then totally go to the back of your bible(most bibles have this area) and look up that word. It will give you other areas that it’s been used and help give you context.

How do I get the verses that I choose to map out? Simple, I open my bible and read till a verse jumps out at me, then read around it to get context. Yep, that’s it. No special formula, just moving towards what I’m drawn to. Throughout this entire exercise do not over think it, just go with what comes to you first.

Today’s verse map is from Jeremiah 17:7&8, powerful lessons in a few verses. Follow along as I try my best to unravel my brain for you. Now that the verse has stood out to me, I write it out. Simple.


Now that it’s written out, I grab a different colored pen and start from the beginning of the verse by underlining the key words that jump out at me. Then I draw a light arrow to the bottom of the page where I write the first words that come to mind when thinking about that specific key word. When writing those thoughts, I’m using the wisdom from lessons in life, knowledge from other bible studies or sermons I’ve heard and what it is defined as in other passages of the bible. Again, do not overthink this part. Put down what comes to mind or how you feel when that word pops up. If you get stuck always reference back to other places in the bible it’s been used.


Once all of the key words have been defined in my own words then I pray and review everything. I’ll go back and read around the verse again, allowing myself to use the breakdown that I just did to further my understanding. To finish this step and the verse map, I will write out a brief synopsis of what this verse means to me.


Please keep in mind we are all on different journeys, we each have our own lessons to help us understand the word at our own levels. Your key word definitions will grow as you do bible studies, listen to sermons, research and just live your life. Using this as a tool to grow a deeper relationship with God is what I hope for each of you and is exactly why I’m sharing it. May it bless you wherever you are in your growing relationship.

As you read this specific verse map of Jeremiah 17:7&8, please let me know if it is a reminder that you needed too. Honestly is a bit tough to be vulnerable and share my heart in this way but I have a calling to share. Even if it makes me highly uncomfortable, I mean those feelings are typical when the Holy Spirit is working, right?!

Let me know if this stands out to you too or if you have a need for prayer(no need for specifics if you don’t want to) comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Blessings, Nicole



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