Joyful Blessings


A few years ago my sweet friend Diane messaged me after seeing I had just got a Cricut machine for free with our Posh Business. Her and I chatted about fun crafting projects quite often, she was a special friend from our home church in Titusville, PA. She gave the best hugs and her smile absolutely lit up the entire room. This message was about some material that she had gotten from grab bags that she’d never use and insisted that I take it. So the next time we made it back home she was sure to stop by to see us, give me one of her famous hugs and said “I can’t wait to see what you come up with to make with this stuff, I’m sure it will be neat!.”

Well life got crazy as it always does and I put that material in the Cricut suitcase, never really thinking about it. Last December we got the news that Diane had gone to be with the Lord that she loved so much, which was so hard for everyone whom she ever hugged. She was a special bright light, so full of joy. Several weeks ago I thought of that material and decided to pull it out to see what I could make with it. When I pulled out the 4 rolls of material I instantly could feel her hug from that day. Why was she so confident that I could create something neat?



As I pulled the tubes out of the suitcase I instantly realized it wasn’t a sort of vinyl, like I had thought it was, instead it was faux leather. Feeling the softness of the leather and the woodgrain look I immediately thought that leaf like earrings would be so fun to create. I gathered supplies, calmed my brain and made my first pair which quickly led to my love of design to be sparked. Before I knew it I had made a bunch of these angel wing like faux leather earrings that are uber light on your ears and decided that I would add them to our Posh Blessings brand, offering them to our friends who were interested. So they too could have a piece of joy and fun jewelry to wear too. I was blown away as every batch we’ve posted sells out so quickly, such a blessing.


She was right, I sure would make something neat out of that material. Every step brings me such stress relief too from the tracing to putting the jump rings through the material. I’m a crafter at heart for sure, my very first business was crazy successful as I made custom designed crocheted hats without patterns. Adding this to our blog just made sense to me and I hope it does for you too. Each pair is hand cut, a little imperfect in it’s own way but truly designed with love and joy. Just like Diane’s friendship, they light up any day, make you smile, and brings you so much joy.


May these creations make you smile too, they are made with so much joy. Check back often for more designs and feel free to send your friends our way. Friends like Diane are so cherished and my prayer for you is that you have a few friends just like her. Remember to tell them often how special they are, how their hugs are the best and their smile lights up the room. Surround yourself with friends like her that see the potential in you even when you may not see it yourself.



PS: You can shop these creations by clicking the tab Joyful Blessings right here on the blog!



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