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Any boy moms out there relate to these dudes giving me a tough time about wearing pants today? They would be content with wearing their athletic shorts daily, no matter if it’s been raining or the temperature has dropped significantly. But today I had to push them to put the pants on just in case they needed to walk home from the bus, I needed to make sure they’d be warm. Normally I pick them up daily from the bus stops in my #poshmomtaxi but hubs car was hit in an accident yesterday so we are down to one vehicle. Yep, the hubs has my #poshmomtaxi and I’m keeping busy here at the house, the car wasn’t taken to the shop today so I could carefully drive the car to get the kids from the bus stop. So the jeans weren’t absolutely needed today but it did make me feel better knowing they’d be warmer, totally worth the battle.



After getting kiddos off to school, I then start my day each day by going over what needs done today by checking into my planner. I use the Law of Attraction Undated planner that I get from Amazon, this is my second year using it and my creative brain just loves it. I’m a paper planner girl for sure, I’ve tried using apps to keep it all together but I just can’t get my brain to work well with digital planning. Are you a paper or digital planner? Or not really a planner kind of person? I’ll do a whole blog on my planning habits because I truly feel like it helps me keep this crazy busy life somewhat together with far less stress than when I don’t plan.


Abby pulled these hand cremes from our vendor event luggage last night so that we could showcase one of our favorite gift sets for the holiday season this year. We love getting to come up with fun pampering gifts for our customers to give out. Self care gifts are often cherished long after the holiday ends so giving a pampering gift with us will truly make others feel special and cherished.


How sweet is this hand creme with a hearty hand towel just tied with a simple bow? We will be giving these to everyone on our list and invite you to do the same. If you’re interested in ordering a few, email us at or joining our VIP group on Facebook!


Every month Perfectly Posh launches a fun exclusive product and November’s was this old school product. It’s a lip plumping lip balm, full of mint, shea butter and menthol which leaves your lips tingly yet highly moisturized. While I began designing earnings for today it launched and was so fun to share with our team and our customers. If you’d like to shop for your own Smoocheroo then head to our site, we’d love to spoil you for ordering with us.


Daily design time, something that I’ve been scheduling for myself for the last few months and have noticed a significant drop in my stress level. Being a creative person, I’ve realized that I need to feed that part of me often or my life feels very unbalanced. That’s why I’m so pumped that these sweet earrings fill others with joy and we’ve been able to smoothly add them to our brand. The whole process is soul filling for me, picking out the fabrics, opening the rings, cutting them out and putting them together. Often while I’m doing it, I’m praying for the person who will be wearing them. Podcasts have become my fave to listen to while I’m designing as well, especially self help podcasts. I’ve been thinking it would be so fun to start one of my own, do you listen to Podcasts? What’s your favorite one?


These three designs were completed today from start to finish and even posted online for purchase. Jump over to the store to grab yours today. If you’re headed to the happiest place on earth over the next few months these would be the perfect accessory. Snap some pics while you’re there, we’d love to see them in action.


The biggest thing that happened today is we got some huge good news. They said YES!
I can NOT believe it! (Said in my best Little Einstein voice)
But the hub’s command said YES, we really thought they’d say no.
So I  accepted an all expense paid trip to Puerto Vallarta for the two of us for FREE. Well we worked hard for it but still everything will be paid for by posh! Everything. Flights, food, hotel, gifts while we are there, everything.
As military teen parents we never got a chance for a honeymoon 15.5 years ago or any kind of fancy vacay before so I am so stinking excited right now to get to share this experience with him.
I’ve got to go on my fair share of free posh vacays, you can too by joining our team  and choosing to work to grow a biz like us. All of the trips I’ve experienced were all by myself and Travis was at home with the kids. Always knowing how this guy has been such a huge supporter of this biz and how much I wish he could come along because Posh trips are so well planned and memorable. Now he gets to experience a trip and it’s going to be so much fun.
Thank YOU for your support whether you pamper with us or are on our amazing team!!!!

Now to figure out who’d like to watch the kiddos for us and to book flights for us to get there.


These are just a few snippets of my crazy busy day but love getting to share with y’all. May you be able to feel the joy that is all around you today!!



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