Love yourself first.

Love yourself first, yep. That’s my message for today, maybe you need to hear that you need self care. Maybe you need to hear that it’s not selfish to invest in taking care of your body. Maybe you just need these words today.

When taking the time to take care of the body you were given, it’s not all about the physical appearance. It’s more about acknowledging the amazing gift you’ve been given and actually loving it. For God calls us to love thy neighbor like you love yourself. The key there is that you need to love yourself. Truly love the body and person that you are. I believe that we must love people where they are and not where we expect them to be. The same goes for loving yourself, love where you are in this exact moment no matter your weight, anxieties, health issues, emotional baggage. How can you focus on loving yourself more to achieve more balance in your crazy busy life?

Pampering is about connecting with that power of self care each day. Less about what the products are doing for your skin. Sure it’s nice to use a face wash that keeps your skin clear from acne or an eye creme that smooths out wrinkles but the true beauty is the feeling you get from actually washing your face or taking care of the skin under your eyes. Pampering is a deeper connection with the vessel you’ve been given to go through life with. The positive energy you get from putting on a hand creme and feeling like your mood has been lifted isn’t superficial, it isn’t selfish, it’s joy-peace-love tapping you into the fruit of the spirit within each of us. Making sure your cup is filled by soaking in a warm bath or tossing on a face mask is essential to living a balanced life. There is a deep meditation and grateful practice that can come when you slow down in the chaotic life around you to make sure you are tapping into the power of pampering.

Pampering is about giving you really great products, made with the best ingredients that allow you to connect with yourself and with the world around you in such a needed way. You must love on yourself, love on your body, love on your soul. If you are not doing this then you may feel unbalanced, rushed, uneasy, and lacking in many areas of your life. There’s a reason when you are on a plane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. If you try and help others first then you are putting yourself at risk. Why would you choose to do that in normal life too? By leaving yourself last on the list you are shorting yourself in every relationship around you.

What’s the relationship you have with yourself? What’s that chatter that you replay over and over in your head? Is it kind? Let go of any negative words, literally stop them as soon as they start and focus on the joy all around you. Of course we all have our baggage, scars from hard times and our perspectives are all so different but each and every one of us is surround by joy. Joy that you just have to slow down and intentionally look for, this is what helps you grow into the person you were meant to be. You are here on this earth to build a relationship with God,  be the best human you can with the gifts you’ve been given and to impact this world by growing from all of the relationships placed in your life, which it all starts with you. The way you treat yourself is one of the biggest keys to happiness, success, balance and building strong relationships.

How about how you treat your body? Are you washing with love? Slowing down to pamper is just one way to focus on growing your self love. Use products that make you feel great and intentionally set aside time to use them. Clear your head of all of the stress, laugh at the names, feel the textures, notice your skin and fully allow yourself to tap into the moment you’ve created, even it’s just 10 seconds of applying a hand creme. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect to love others without feeling drained? You need to make sure your bucket is being partially filled by yourself, just like putting on your oxygen mask first.

In the hustle and bustle of life all of these lessons can quickly get lost. Here’s your reminder to tap into the powering of pampering to truly focus on loving the body you’ve been given. The benefits of being intentional with self care are worth every penny you spend on great products and every second you use to experience a few moments of pampering time. You deserve it, you are worth it and always remember that above all we must show love to ourselves to truly be able to show love to the world around us.



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