Greatest Numbers Fiasco….ever

C15-C15-C15-C15 I tell myself over and over as I’m waiting my turn as we board the plane. C15-C15-C15….then I sit in C13…..completely thinking I sat in C15 until the owner of the seat questions me and I realize I did it again, embarrassment washes over me as I gather my things and make my way to my seat C15.

I’m the worst with numbers and remembering them even when I’m aware of it. It doesn’t matter, my brain over thinks and pulls a fast one on me anytime there is pressure and numbers combined. Such a huge weakness of mine that I wish I could solve so badly.

This weakness reared its ugly head yesterday as I woke up full of excitement to attend a Hamilton show that Abbs and I were looking forward to since August. Abbs even worked hard to pay for her ticket by selling her string art, so many hours creating designs for others to earn the money needed.

We counted down the days to be able to purchase tickets and were able to buy some of the last two tickets crazy close to the stage when they went on sale. It was a frenzy and many didn’t even get the chance to buy tickets that day so we felt so lucky to get tickets for Dec 2nd for the 1pm showing, writing it in our calendars and were looking forward this day as we talked about it daily.

Waking up to tasty waffles and coffee made by my hubs, then heading off to get around for this big day. See neither of us grew up getting to attend concerts or shows like this, so today was a giant deal. We spent hard earned cash on this moment and we knew how exciting it was for our Theatre loving kid too.

I realized that I hadn’t downloaded the Ticketmaster app yet to get our mobile tickets so before I started my hair and makeup I sat down to figure that out. I pulled up my email that I remember coming in but didn’t read it and that’s when it hit me.

Dec 1st at 2pm…….ummmmm NO, that can’t be right I have written down Dec 2nd at 1!!! What is happening!?? How can that be?? Help!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. I super imposed the numbers. We missed our show. In the really close to the stage, really expensive, great seats. I wanted to puke. I cried and screamed, this was a HUGE mistake, how am I supposed to fix this!? Abbs worked so hard to go to this show, we both are huge fans but letting down my kiddo was the worst feeling ever.

Not really knowing what to do next I posted a quick status to my Facebook account.

This was far more about praying for a good outcome for Abbs and not anything about the money lost or any material thing. I just wanted it to work out smoothly and not have to let down my daughter, she’s such a good and hard working kiddo.

I was going from bawling to screaming and truly freaking out as I tried to critical think my way of what to do next. The venue for the show was the Durham Performing Arts Center and their phone lines were closed this early so we decided to call Ticketmaster when they opened at 9am to see if they could do anything for us.

That didn’t get us very far because in my frenzy to purchase the tickets in August I missed the box to buy ticket insurance. Another mistake due to excitement. So we were completely out of the money we paid for the original tickets, the ones that I mixed up the dates and completely missed sitting in our crazy good seats. There was nothing they could do for us other than say there were a few tickets left on their site for the last two shows of this location.

Devastated and sickened that all of that money was gone, what do we do now? We don’t have the cash with the holidays here to just buy more tickets but really that was our only option to make this right for Abbs.

With my two businesses, selling pampering products and creating fun earrings, I knew that I could work really hard to cover the price of the second tickets. The seats were not even close to as good as our originals but they would get us there. Giving us those memories that will last a lifetime, so whatever I had to pay in total for this moment was worth it to me and I’d work as hard as I could to provide the money for it.

That’s where that status I posted comes in, as we were figuring out what to do and searching for tickets. My friends were going through the emotions and coming up with a plan of their own without me asking for help.

I just needed prayers for it to workout smoothly. They took it in their own hands, a few of my best friends even offered to get us tickets themselves. I told them I already snagged tickets and my plan was just to work my businesses really hard to pay for them. That’s where their overwhelming support started, they went to my site and began buying earrings. Then sharing my link to encourage their friends to do the same.

The support, friendship and compassion they showed was flowing and all I could do was cry. My phone was blowing up over and over with order after order. I couldn’t believe that people would rally with me over this crazy embarrassing mistake.

Post after post of friends showing their support and lifting me up during this time. As I got ready to rush up so we wouldn’t miss the show, more people were sharing and more orders were rolling in.

By the time we made it to DPAC, got Abbs her special program, took pictures and waited to take our seats the sales from all of that sharing was reaching the amount we had to pay for these second set of seats. I wanted to bawl standing there seeing the joy in Abbs’ eyes and knowing what my friends were doing for us.

The show was INCREDIBLE, if you ever get a chance to go, run. Enjoy. Sit there and take in the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda. Being super fans for years, the butterflies in our tummies were going overtime and we were smiling from ear to ear. Thank you.

Seeing the stage for the first time took our breath away and Abbs sat there telling me all about the stage. Sharing all of her theatre knowledge, chattering a mile a minute. We sat there excitedly, feeling the joy that was all around us. The lights darkened and I could hear Abbs let out a quiet giggle.

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore 
And a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot
In the Caribbean by providence impoverished
In squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?

-Alexander Hamilton the first song of the show began and we were overwhelmed with emotions. I tried my best to keep in the tears while soaking in all that was happening on stage. Trying to watch the show and watch Abbs watch the show because her face was so priceless. Wow.

Intermission came, we stretched our legs and chatted about the actors, what we were wowed about and what we couldn’t wait to see in the next act. The boy sitting in front of Abbs turned and joined in our conversation as we geeked out that we were actually seeing Hamilton.

He was kind of shy and we could tell he was there by himself, getting to see a show that he’s loved just as long as us. The way he chatted you could tell that he just wanted a touch of human connection during this huge moment that we were sharing. I know that feeling all too well as an independent person who isn’t afraid of doing things alone but finding people to connect with makes that moment even better. We chatted with him more after the show and now I wish we would have connected in social media, but his kind conversation was such a joy in the chaos of yesterday. We hope we were able to be a bit of a blessing for him too.

The 2nd act was just as amazing as the 1st and it brought out all of the emotions perfectly. So good, more just wow moments. We clapped, cheered, laughed, cried and took in every single second. Wow.

After it ended we said goodbye to the people around us including that sweet kid in front of us that we shared that incredible experience and felt that magic with. Beginning to exit with the masses of people, some people had faces of awe like us and others of relief that it was over, ha.

We found a table and chairs to sit out and really let it all soak in. Creating a quiet moment so that we could really cherish what we just got to be apart of and share together. The look in Abbs eye was of wonder and something I’ll never forget.

Then as it emptied we were able to snap more pictures , read the signs and slowly make our way out of the theater. No rush, just taking it all in with the songs still ringing in our ears.

We got outside and started walking towards our parking garage. As we passed where they had the tour buses parked we heard an altercation happening with a tall man with bright red hair and the security officers. The man was screaming, threatening and going after them because they informed he couldn’t park where he was. The security guy was calmly asking him to calm down and just to move his vehicle. The two smaller security ladies were making their way to the sidewalk as we were passing and I asked if they were okay, they looked shaken but replied they were and that they’ve called the police. So Abbs and I kept walking, stumbling on the after show cast area.

Abbs face just lit up with excitement as she got this actors autograph. His part in the show was fun to watch. It was so cute to see her be so giddy. As we were just so excited, the sirens went off and lots of commotion unfolded right behind us.

The police arrived and that guy got back in his car and tried to flee. The security and police right on his tail got him to pull over right near where we were standing. Everyone around us asked what was going on and I briefly told them what we saw.

Then one of those sweet security ladies walked up to the crowd to see if we were all okay and asked if I had seen how he was acting. I replied I did and asked if she was okay. She said this time that she wasn’t and looked a bit scared. So my gut told me to ask if she needed a hug, when she replied she did I wrapped my arms around this stranger and could feel her whole body shaking.

Other people there also reached out to give her hugs and connect with her on a human level. You could see there was a ton of fear of the tall man going through her. When the last person gave her a hug, she shared that she was in a car accident the night before so it was just one bad thing after another. That’s when the words “would like me to pray over you?” spilled out of my mouth and her eyes softened from the fear for a moment and she replied “Oh yes, would you???”

She came in for another shaky hug, others standing there gathered around us and I prayed with all of these strangers, all different races, words of love, comfort and peace. Such a powerful moment. Her shaking stopped, she thanked us and went back to where the police were with that man. Boy what an impact this moment had on me for sure, not even thinking I just jumped in, that had to have been the lord using me as his hands and feet for sure.

We went back to getting autographs and soaking in all of the good vibes that seemed to be following us everywhere we went. Abbs totally geeking out to meet these actors up close and realizing how friendly they are. They are people with a love of theatre and have a dream just like her. Exactly what this amazing teen needed, making all of the work to get here worth every single second.

Getting back the van, I pulled up social media and realized that people were still sharing. People were still ordering my designs. People all over the United States were still showing love for me during one of my biggest mistakes ever. What grace and love that is.

We listened to the Hamilton soundtrack on the drive back home and had some of the best conversations as we watch the sunset in front of us. Such a fab ending to a chaotic day but boy was it filled with joy.

We may be out all of that money for those original seats but the memories we were able to make yesterday. The unexpected impact we had on complete strangers. The wonder of seeing a true professional show full of passion. Made every bit of embarrassment, shame, frustration wash right out of me.

Realizing this was a perfect example of how God uses all things for good, in ways you’d never expect. We were meant to miss our original show because we were meant to be there for that kid to connect with, for that security officer to pray with and for Abbs to feel the wonder with this exact show.

When bad things happen, know that we have the choice to seek the joy. Often times joy surrounds you in ways that you never even realized.



PS: not sure how I’ll ever repay my friends for jumping in and believing in me in ways I just never imagined. The joy and hope they created yesterday is so beautiful. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll always be here to share joy, believe in them and support them in whatever ways I can. Thanks, pals-you’re the best!

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  1. What an amazing testament to God’s perfect timing and sovereignty!! And even more… what a special memory for you and your daughter to share!! And I love your perspective. God bless!

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