Passion for Lent

When you post a response to someone about Lent season about what you are sacrificing and you realize quickly that you’ve got a passion for this season so you then decide to write a blog post to share with everyone a brief personal insight of your thoughts on Lent.

What do I choose to fast from??: If giving it up is something that is hard for you to do then YES-set that item as your fasting goal! Because every time you get the temptation for whatever you are giving up, you call out for help from God and He sustains you. Lent is for you to draw closer in your relationship with God which also recognizes the sacrifices He gave for you.

For me I’m giving up sweets and chips-during this deployment they’ve been my go to for stress eating and instead I’m calling out for Help from him-so far its been tough but He is the greatest comforter. I’m using the Help Me, Use Me, Thank You prayers all day long!

And to further explain—-you don’t have to give up something physical either—-it could be negative thoughts, anger, time(adding more bible time or doing a study)—etc—-but whatever you choose to give up/sacrifice—-you will call out to him for Help when you have those moments when they pop up.

For lent the Help-Use-Thank prayers are something I use. Whenever the situation pops up that I would use/do the thing I’m giving up—I call out for Help—-Help me overcome this temptation…then that turns into Use in me in a way that glorifies or draws me closer to you(a redirection from the temptation) then Thank You when the temptation passes. I do this a bunch even outside of lent because I try and fast from things often and that helps me focus on growing closer to Him.

As I was chatting with the kids about Lent, it’s neat to hear them excitedly talk about things they gave up in the past. Some things they’ve done are giving up cheese, their pillow, their time by adding in more reading of their bible, sweets, using extra salt(little D’s favorite thing), etc. About how tough it was and what they learned. Learning about fasting from things at a young age(we start around the age of 6) really helps them be able to set goals, learn to clear the noise a bit of our crazy busy lives and to draw closer to Him. Which is the ultimate reason we focus on the Lent season.

Hope this was helpful in some way or another, this topic is one that I didn’t realize how passionate I am about it. I’m 100% not an expert at all and I encourage you to spend time learning more about from those who are more qualified. It’s certainly one of my favorite times of the year because we do it as a family and I have always loved a good challenge.



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