A little reminder

This weeks reminder from my Passion Planner sparked these thoughts so I thought I’d share them with all of you!

Here’s your reminder to be be mindful this week as you go about life.

The more we pay attention to the small the things the bigger of an impact we can have on the world around us. To me, that’s the core of self care, starting with the small things because they truly have a huge impact.

Our family is fitting this posh business into our crazy busy and chaotic schedules because we know the power in pampering. That power of slowing down to intentionally pamper our bodies or the quick moments of self care using products made with the very best ingredients. Many people are rushing from one task to the next right now feeling very overwhelmed and we know we have the power to teach them the very beginnings of self care by sharing this amazing product line.

Self care has to start somewhere and we can be the ones to start that for the people around us by planting that seed. Then it will grow into a glorious plant and they will learn to be still and refill in the other ways that are self care for them. Reading, walking, creating, napping, soaking, etc……

Before I found Posh products and the power of pampering I was a very busy military wife momma of 4 under 10 years old. Posh showed me how to fit pampering moments into my very chaotic schedule and then that grew into learning other ways of self care too. With using these quality products as a jumping off point and they will always be apart of my self care routines now.

What’s your self care journey??? Did Posh remind you to take care of you too?

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