These faces.

These faces from 10 years ago, right as we began our Posh Blessings journey and during a hard deployment, are hitting me this morning with a ton of emotions.

These faces will have so much fun building a multi million dollar company, while they learn lessons about business, relationships, leadership and life.

These faces will geek out over hundreds of fun products as they arrive in pink posh boxes and then get to share that joy with everyone around them.

These faces will provide an income big enough for these 5 to always have each other without the worry of working outside the home as they move from house to house, state to state following their soldier.

These faces will get creative in finding ways to give back to their communities, use their imaginations to come up with fun product campaign sharing ideas, and find the best ways to put together the thousands of packages to spoil our incredible team with.

These faces are now trying to really process that we did everything we could to create an incredible experience for everyone who connected with us and because of things outside of their control at Home Office the brand we created is barely holding on.

These faces have had tears fill their eyes as they do their best to move forward, still sharing the products that you and I love. Not knowing if more will be coming or what the future of the brand will look like.

These faces are proud to still be standing with the product line that they had a hand in creating over the last 10 years with the team mates who are still with us and our customers who are still allowing Posh Blessings to bring them joy. Even through the last few super tough months.

These faces have cherished every single ounce of support y’all have sent our way.

These sweet faces have seen so much growth together and as we move forward into the unknown(if you sing this like from Frozen then you’re in the same head space as me haha) we know that whatever happens all of that growth, life lessons, relationships, and amazing memories will all continue to grow.

We are still Posh Blessings.

We will continue to share the Posh product line and chase after goals because it’s the brand we had a hand in creating.

We want to stay connected to all of you as we move forward in the holiday season working to provide for our family.

We trust in God’s plan and for me I am feeling pulled to create something bigger with our journey that we will add to Posh Blessings…..just not sure what that looks like right now but looking at these faces, processing emotions and sharing my heart with y’all has really helped me this morning.

If you are feeling led to share any ideas of how I could use my creative skills or journey in life to service our community and provide for our family….let me know below…..I truly feel God working through the connections he’s created.



May be an image of 4 people, child, people standing, tree and outdoors

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