About Posh Blessings Inc

Interesting “About Picture”, huh?

Well there is an interesting story behind how Posh Blessings Inc came to be.

See I was a stay at home mom and military wife for 10 years. Yes, no outside the home job and focused on raising my 4 kiddos straight out of high school. We had Abby my senior year, then Bella and Connor before I was 21 and Little D at 24, so to say I was busy was an understatement especially when you throw in that we moved like 7 times around the world and I volunteered for my hubby’s job weekly.

I had also started a successful crafting business on top of all of that but moving around so much really made it tough to keep it up. You’ll see that we are bringing that back since it is such a big part of my personality and gifts, can’t wait to share more with all of you.

Let’s just agree this picture shows a woman who had given everything of herself to others, Me Time was a completely foreign concept. Her cup was absolutely empty and was about to learn about what self care was all about.

Now almost 5 years later, the pampering journey I’ve been on has been so enlightening that I feel ready to truly share everything I’ve learned along the way with y’all in blog form. Not only has Posh Blessings been a blessing to me personally but for my family too, which is absolutely awesome. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned, impacting stories, my favorite products, open discussions, my crafty creations and so much more here so please feel free to follow and check in often.



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