Take a break…..

Take a break, if you’re a Hamilton-Fan too, now you’ve got this song stuck in your head. Take a break. Often times I find myself overthinking this simple yet powerful task. I’ll talk myself out of taking just a few moments to fill up my cup by thinking about all of the other things thatContinue reading “Take a break…..”

Greatest Numbers Fiasco….ever

C15-C15-C15-C15 I tell myself over and over as I’m waiting my turn as we board the plane. C15-C15-C15….then I sit in C13…..completely thinking I sat in C15 until the owner of the seat questions me and I realize I did it again, embarrassment washes over me as I gather my things and make my wayContinue reading “Greatest Numbers Fiasco….ever”

Crazy Busy Work at Home Mom Life

Any boy moms out there relate to these dudes giving me a tough time about wearing pants today? They would be content with wearing their athletic shorts daily, no matter if it’s been raining or the temperature has dropped significantly. But today I had to push them to put the pants on just in caseContinue reading “Crazy Busy Work at Home Mom Life”

Raising a little Lady.

Ummmmmmm y’all, today was a huge moment for me. I’m a teen mom, yep I had Abby my senior year in high school while Travis was deployed. From the moment I found out I was preggo after breaking into the house my family was just evicted from(that is an entire blog post in itself forContinue reading “Raising a little Lady.”