A little reminder

This weeks reminder from my Passion Planner sparked these thoughts so I thought I’d share them with all of you!

Here’s your reminder to be be mindful this week as you go about life.

The more we pay attention to the small the things the bigger of an impact we can have on the world around us. To me, that’s the core of self care, starting with the small things because they truly have a huge impact.

Our family is fitting this posh business into our crazy busy and chaotic schedules because we know the power in pampering. That power of slowing down to intentionally pamper our bodies or the quick moments of self care using products made with the very best ingredients. Many people are rushing from one task to the next right now feeling very overwhelmed and we know we have the power to teach them the very beginnings of self care by sharing this amazing product line.

Self care has to start somewhere and we can be the ones to start that for the people around us by planting that seed. Then it will grow into a glorious plant and they will learn to be still and refill in the other ways that are self care for them. Reading, walking, creating, napping, soaking, etc……

Before I found Posh products and the power of pampering I was a very busy military wife momma of 4 under 10 years old. Posh showed me how to fit pampering moments into my very chaotic schedule and then that grew into learning other ways of self care too. With using these quality products as a jumping off point and they will always be apart of my self care routines now.

What’s your self care journey??? Did Posh remind you to take care of you too?

Team Posh Blessings: Connection

A little yet powerful message I wrote out to my incredible team mates this morning and thought it might be nice for others to read it too. Team Posh Blessings is more than just selling soaps and lotions, the amazing connection that is woven into our business is absolutely cherished and we are so grateful to be connected to so many through Perfectly Posh.

Today I hope you see this post and are reminded of the amazing power you have with your posh business. The power to see people, to truly connect with the world around you.

The products you share are fun, affordable, made with incredible ingredients and come with the message of self care. Reminding others that they deserve to take moments for themselves using a product that makes them feel amazing and brings a smile to their faces. Reach out today and connect with the intention of just bringing a smile to their faces. Of giving them a reminder of self love.

Our parties are another way to build this human connection, reaching more people who may need to hear your pampering message. People who are crazy busy and during the time you get with them for a party you get to make an impact on them. Showing them about self care and touching them even now while we are still social distancing. Everyone is craving that connection and you have a way to reach them.

Our incredible team here is another form of connection that your business offers. We have a wide range of amazing people here from all over the US. We are all crazy busy, have our own goal and yet we all love this product line so much that we share it with others and earn ourselves extra money. We’ve grown together over the years as leaders, posh lovers, friends and team mates—all of it is connection. Which is insanely powerful and has helped many of us through tough life situations with just having this happy Poshy place to plug in to during all of the chaos.

You are here because you love the products and have the power of connection in multiple ways with your business. I’m thankful you are here in TPB and look forward to watching you grow. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

Love Brené Brown

Take a break…..

Take a break, if you’re a Hamilton-Fan too, now you’ve got this song stuck in your head.

Take a break. Often times I find myself overthinking this simple yet powerful task. I’ll talk myself out of taking just a few moments to fill up my cup by thinking about all of the other things that I should be doing in that moment. When in fact the time it took me to overthink taking a break could have been used in a simple pampering moment.

That’s why I’ve learned over the years to set up my products so that they become part of my daily tasks. Like this little hand scrub station right here next to my kitchen sink, I placed the sweet melon scented sugar scrub right next to the hand soap(I love shopping grove!) so that atleast once per day I can easily treat myself to a hand scrub. We are all washing our hands way more lately and that leads to drier skin which then needs to be scrubbed, so this simple set up leads to an easy peasy pampering session.

Of course after washing and scrubbing, my hands need that non greasy moisture packed posh hand creme so I be sure to set one there so it’s easy peasy to use it too. What’s your favorite posh hand creme scent? Is it current or retired?

This simple pampering set up is placed on a vintage hot plate which I’ve collected over the years. They have silly sayings that make you think and I just love them. This one is my most current findings and wow is the meaning so powerful for me. Anyone else feel it too? The hurrier I go the behinder I get.

Truly a lesson I’ve learned over this last year that has been filled with many lessons of being still in the busyness. When I would try to hurry through whatever I was facing it felt like things just got messier and messier. It wasn’t until I learned the true meaning of being still that life seemed to become more manageable, I was content and learned the power of being still.

So this little pampering set up helps me take care of this body that I have been given, which then fills up my self care cup, all while making it simple. Everything I need for a 1 minute pampering session is right there on that hot plate with the reminder to be still. Do you set things up for yourself like this? If not then I’d highly suggest to take a few moments to set up something like this for yourself. I’ll be sharing more of my set ups over these next few weeks and I hope that it inspires you to be still and refill.



Love yourself first.

Love yourself first, yep. That’s my message for today, maybe you need to hear that you need self care. Maybe you need to hear that it’s not selfish to invest in taking care of your body. Maybe you just need these words today.

When taking the time to take care of the body you were given, it’s not all about the physical appearance. It’s more about acknowledging the amazing gift you’ve been given and actually loving it. For God calls us to love thy neighbor like you love yourself. The key there is that you need to love yourself. Truly love the body and person that you are. I believe that we must love people where they are and not where we expect them to be. The same goes for loving yourself, love where you are in this exact moment no matter your weight, anxieties, health issues, emotional baggage. How can you focus on loving yourself more to achieve more balance in your crazy busy life?

Pampering is about connecting with that power of self care each day. Less about what the products are doing for your skin. Sure it’s nice to use a face wash that keeps your skin clear from acne or an eye creme that smooths out wrinkles but the true beauty is the feeling you get from actually washing your face or taking care of the skin under your eyes. Pampering is a deeper connection with the vessel you’ve been given to go through life with. The positive energy you get from putting on a hand creme and feeling like your mood has been lifted isn’t superficial, it isn’t selfish, it’s joy-peace-love tapping you into the fruit of the spirit within each of us. Making sure your cup is filled by soaking in a warm bath or tossing on a face mask is essential to living a balanced life. There is a deep meditation and grateful practice that can come when you slow down in the chaotic life around you to make sure you are tapping into the power of pampering.

Pampering is about giving you really great products, made with the best ingredients that allow you to connect with yourself and with the world around you in such a needed way. You must love on yourself, love on your body, love on your soul. If you are not doing this then you may feel unbalanced, rushed, uneasy, and lacking in many areas of your life. There’s a reason when you are on a plane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on before helping others. If you try and help others first then you are putting yourself at risk. Why would you choose to do that in normal life too? By leaving yourself last on the list you are shorting yourself in every relationship around you.

What’s the relationship you have with yourself? What’s that chatter that you replay over and over in your head? Is it kind? Let go of any negative words, literally stop them as soon as they start and focus on the joy all around you. Of course we all have our baggage, scars from hard times and our perspectives are all so different but each and every one of us is surround by joy. Joy that you just have to slow down and intentionally look for, this is what helps you grow into the person you were meant to be. You are here on this earth to build a relationship with God,  be the best human you can with the gifts you’ve been given and to impact this world by growing from all of the relationships placed in your life, which it all starts with you. The way you treat yourself is one of the biggest keys to happiness, success, balance and building strong relationships.

How about how you treat your body? Are you washing with love? Slowing down to pamper is just one way to focus on growing your self love. Use products that make you feel great and intentionally set aside time to use them. Clear your head of all of the stress, laugh at the names, feel the textures, notice your skin and fully allow yourself to tap into the moment you’ve created, even it’s just 10 seconds of applying a hand creme. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect to love others without feeling drained? You need to make sure your bucket is being partially filled by yourself, just like putting on your oxygen mask first.

In the hustle and bustle of life all of these lessons can quickly get lost. Here’s your reminder to tap into the powering of pampering to truly focus on loving the body you’ve been given. The benefits of being intentional with self care are worth every penny you spend on great products and every second you use to experience a few moments of pampering time. You deserve it, you are worth it and always remember that above all we must show love to ourselves to truly be able to show love to the world around us.



Crazy Busy Work at Home Mom Life

Any boy moms out there relate to these dudes giving me a tough time about wearing pants today? They would be content with wearing their athletic shorts daily, no matter if it’s been raining or the temperature has dropped significantly. But today I had to push them to put the pants on just in case they needed to walk home from the bus, I needed to make sure they’d be warm. Normally I pick them up daily from the bus stops in my #poshmomtaxi but hubs car was hit in an accident yesterday so we are down to one vehicle. Yep, the hubs has my #poshmomtaxi and I’m keeping busy here at the house, the car wasn’t taken to the shop today so I could carefully drive the car to get the kids from the bus stop. So the jeans weren’t absolutely needed today but it did make me feel better knowing they’d be warmer, totally worth the battle.



After getting kiddos off to school, I then start my day each day by going over what needs done today by checking into my planner. I use the Law of Attraction Undated planner that I get from Amazon, this is my second year using it and my creative brain just loves it. I’m a paper planner girl for sure, I’ve tried using apps to keep it all together but I just can’t get my brain to work well with digital planning. Are you a paper or digital planner? Or not really a planner kind of person? I’ll do a whole blog on my planning habits because I truly feel like it helps me keep this crazy busy life somewhat together with far less stress than when I don’t plan.


Abby pulled these hand cremes from our vendor event luggage last night so that we could showcase one of our favorite gift sets for the holiday season this year. We love getting to come up with fun pampering gifts for our customers to give out. Self care gifts are often cherished long after the holiday ends so giving a pampering gift with us will truly make others feel special and cherished.


How sweet is this hand creme with a hearty hand towel just tied with a simple bow? We will be giving these to everyone on our list and invite you to do the same. If you’re interested in ordering a few, email us at poshblessings@gmail.com or joining our VIP group on Facebook!


Every month Perfectly Posh launches a fun exclusive product and November’s was this old school product. It’s a lip plumping lip balm, full of mint, shea butter and menthol which leaves your lips tingly yet highly moisturized. While I began designing earnings for today it launched and was so fun to share with our team and our customers. If you’d like to shop for your own Smoocheroo then head to our site, we’d love to spoil you for ordering with us.


Daily design time, something that I’ve been scheduling for myself for the last few months and have noticed a significant drop in my stress level. Being a creative person, I’ve realized that I need to feed that part of me often or my life feels very unbalanced. That’s why I’m so pumped that these sweet earrings fill others with joy and we’ve been able to smoothly add them to our brand. The whole process is soul filling for me, picking out the fabrics, opening the rings, cutting them out and putting them together. Often while I’m doing it, I’m praying for the person who will be wearing them. Podcasts have become my fave to listen to while I’m designing as well, especially self help podcasts. I’ve been thinking it would be so fun to start one of my own, do you listen to Podcasts? What’s your favorite one?


These three designs were completed today from start to finish and even posted online for purchase. Jump over to the store to grab yours today. If you’re headed to the happiest place on earth over the next few months these would be the perfect accessory. Snap some pics while you’re there, we’d love to see them in action.


The biggest thing that happened today is we got some huge good news. They said YES!
I can NOT believe it! (Said in my best Little Einstein voice)
But the hub’s command said YES, we really thought they’d say no.
So I  accepted an all expense paid trip to Puerto Vallarta for the two of us for FREE. Well we worked hard for it but still everything will be paid for by posh! Everything. Flights, food, hotel, gifts while we are there, everything.
As military teen parents we never got a chance for a honeymoon 15.5 years ago or any kind of fancy vacay before so I am so stinking excited right now to get to share this experience with him.
I’ve got to go on my fair share of free posh vacays, you can too by joining our team  and choosing to work to grow a biz like us. All of the trips I’ve experienced were all by myself and Travis was at home with the kids. Always knowing how this guy has been such a huge supporter of this biz and how much I wish he could come along because Posh trips are so well planned and memorable. Now he gets to experience a trip and it’s going to be so much fun.
Thank YOU for your support whether you pamper with us or are on our amazing team!!!!

Now to figure out who’d like to watch the kiddos for us and to book flights for us to get there.


These are just a few snippets of my crazy busy day but love getting to share with y’all. May you be able to feel the joy that is all around you today!!



First Posh Experience



December 2012, I finally broke down and gave my friend Trisha $20 telling her to give me some of that Posh stuff she kept posting about. Well she surely spoiled me with all sorts of posh goodies, including the Gender Bender bath chunk bar. Funny name, right? That was my first thought too and then was quickly intrigued by the scent I could smell coming from the wrapper.

As I held that paper wrapped chunk in my hand, I could instantly tell that it was way different than any soap bar I’ve ever used. It was heavy, like way heavier than any soap bar I’ve tried. I put it under my nose to get a good whiff of the scent and oh my gosh it was so good. Boldly clean, with a bit of woods but absolutely gender neutral. Just as the name says, huh. Neat, I thought.

That night when I opened the green paper wrapper I seen that the bar was black. Woah, I had never seen a piece of black soap before. Taking it into the shower with me, I was amazed at how well it soaped up, the suds where so soft and bubbly. The scent filled the shower and it transformed that space into a cup filling pampering experience. In that exact moment I realized the power that using really good pampering products has over your mood. I was a mom who rushed through showering to get back to my littles becaue I knew they’d be into something and never did anything special for myself. Can you relate?

That Gender Bender scent brings me back to this moment every time I smell it as a reminder that I deserve to pamper and fill up my cup too. Tomorrow Posh is launching a hand creme in this very scent and I am beyond excited to get my hands on as many as I can. Our hand cremes are awesome for sure and with it being in this gender neutral scent I know many of you will love it too.


I have legit butterflies for tomorrow and getting to share this First Posh experience with you has been such a blessing to me. Revisiting all of those good vibes has brought a smile to my face and has been a fabulous reminder. What’s your First Posh Experience? Did you too have a moment where you realized the divine power of self care? Share with me below!




Poshy Skin Care Routines


We get asked for skin care routines often, so we decided to put together a couple for you. One thing to keep in mind with any skin care routines is that each of us have different skin which means that you may need your own unique skin care set. Also when switching or adding something new into your routine note that your skin may need an adjustment phase as it gets used the ingredients you are feeding it. Yes, all of these amazing products are full of ingredients that are like food for your skin. Taking great care of your skin not only makes it physically look and feel better but it also fills up your self care cup with is something that many of us forget to do.

So many people are running around empty pouring out everything they have to those around them and often forget to stop to make sure their cup is also filled. Is that you too? It was 100% me before finding this product line, mom of 4-military wife-volunteer-on and on. That’s why I’ve always loved a solid skin care routine, that way I know I can fill up my cup daily by using really great ingredients, products that are fun, totally making me feel fabulous inside and out.


This is your basic anti acne, clearing skin, keeping a fresh face with blemish creme—-paired $55 bundle.

The Bare it All-is a cleanser-moisturizer-make up remover all in one and draws moisture to your skin using micellar water like a magnet while cleaning your skin really well. $20

Set the Tone-is a toner that balances and evens out your skin, with ingredients to help clear your skin! $19

Use both by putting product on a cotton pad and wiping over your skin, Bare it All first then Set the Tone.

Zit Zapper is a blemish creme with fast acting ingredients, apply to blemishes as needed 2x per day. $16

Do this routine in the morning and at night!

Nicole’s Youthful and Brightening Skin Bundle

(the products I use daily)

Clear-Clean-Youthful-Bright skin with eye serum—- $98 Bundle.

The Bare it All-is a cleanser-moisturizer-make up remover all in one and draws moisture to your skin using micellar water like a magnet while cleaning your skin really well. $20

Set the Tone-is a toner that balances and evens out your skin, with ingredients to help clear your skin! $19

Use both by putting product on a cotton pad and wiping over your skin, Bare it All first then Set the Tone.

Never Grow Up: use 2-3 pumps of this product all over your skin and neck for moisture while the amazing ingredients feed your youthful skin no matter what age you are. $22

Do this routine in the morning and at night!

Impish Eyes: use the cool roller ball under your eyes to help depuff them with this rich ingredient formula. $16 Use every morning!

Serves you Bright: pat this vitamin c creme into your skin last since it’s the heaviest, letting the amazing ingredients absorb into your skin while pushing the other products you layered to soak into your skin as well. $21 Use 3-4 times per week!

Simple, right? Just a few products can help you get back to setting time aside for you, even if it is just a few minutes in the morning and before bed. Skin care routines can be enjoyable, product names can make you smile and knowing that the products are quality so they last mean that it’s affordable while being luxurious.
If you’d like for me to help you find a skin care routine that works best for you please feel free to reach out to me or request samples here. Ready to try out either of these routines, then head to our site to shop-don’t forget about out promotion Buy 5 get the 6th free when putting together your order. We have a couple more routines posted in our VIP group on Facebook, please feel free to request to join if you are not currently an active posh consultant, we’d love to spoil you there.
Like reading these posts? Let me know below and feel free to let me know by commenting below with what other topics you’d like to hear me share more on.

Giving back with Posh Blessings

Our family has always had a giving heart and we’ve found ways to bless others no matter what kind of things we were facing in life. Now that we have Posh Blessings Inc we can not only bless many straight from our company but we can help others raise money for whatever cause, school, group, sports team, family, etc that we can.

Posh Blessings Inc. fundraisers can be done in many different ways and customized for any need. The biggest factor is you and your groups passion to make a difference then we take that and build a giving campaign that works best.

As independent consultants we have the freedom of putting together something unique for every group, a few examples would be:

-selling bath bomb sets for $20 each, each set comes with 5 random(or all the same) Fizi bath bombs. The profit for these sets is over 40% and goes up depending on how much is sold.

-selling a chunk bar or hand creme for $10 each, donating that chunk to your cause/group or to a local charity/teachers/soldier etc and then you’d make 30% on all sales for your cause/group.

-Spa Nights- you’d have your group/school/cause/etc invite everyone they know to a fun pampering night held at your location-everyone pampers then places orders. You’d get 30% of all orders placed that night.

These are just a few of the ways we could raise money together, it’s truly customizable. We want it that way so that your group is the most passionate about sharing so that we can raise the most money for you.

With every fundraiser we can even do top seller prizes for those who help bring in the most orders to add a rad bit of competition in the mix.

We do not make a single penny from any of our fundraising programs and we will always keep it that way. We do keep a % to help with the supplies for each fundraiser.

All selling packets, tester products, training, supplies are provided by us and come with step by step instructions to make the program run as smoothly as possible.

We also offer to open a group on Facebook and a spot here on this blog for everyone to connect. Being able to quickly ask questions can really help the success of any fundraiser.

You can get started today by emailing us at poshblessings@gmail.com or contacting us at 814-516-7357 so that we can put together a few fundraising plans for you.

Please feel free to ask questions below and help us spread the word about Posh Blessings Inc fundraising programs.

Many Blessings,

Pearsall Family


Scent is powerful.


Scent is powerful.

One whiff and you are transported to your grandmother’s bathroom washing your hands with the orangeish-yellow Dial soap. Right? You remember the carpet under your toes, the warm fuzzy feeling of being where your parents grew up and just in the other room your amazing Grandmother is there to spoil you with all of her wonderful home made delicacies . Yes, this is a memory that my husband Travis shares every single time he smells Dial liquid Soap and no matter what it brings a smile to his face.

Or how about being taken back to when your fresh premie newborn was put in the NICU in a German hospital that you had no idea how to get to. So you spent all day searching for that hospital to finally find it and be told you had to wait for visiting hours. You counted down the seconds until you could wash your hands, sanitize and get into her room feeling the butterflies of excitment. Every time you are in a hospital and get a whiff of the hand sanitizer/soap it instantly brings back those insane butterflies you had waiting to meet your little one.  This is the scent story that I think of every time I start thinking about how uplifting scents can be.

Scent is Powerful!

Do you have a powerful scent story like us? Share with us below!!!

The scents of our Posh products are something that I was drawn to as a busy mom. No, I didn’t even know that self care was important until I was sharing the products and finally filling up my own bucket by pampering. But I did know that scent was powerful because of one silly momlife confession. Ready for it? Blush Powder.


Yep, Physicians Formula Mood Boosting Blush Powder. It was different shades of pearly pinks and the package boasted about how the scent would lift your mood. That is exactly what caught my eye as a Mom of 4 who got a chance to go to the store ALONE, yes a rare outing but you better believe I cherished walking around that store kiddo free. Knowing I had just had one of those weeks with my 4 kiddos under 6 years old. I was pulled in every direction but finally I had a few moments to destress as I shopped for diapers, wipes, milk, juice, and bubble bath(You know, typical kiddo shopping list). As I was passing the cosmetics aisle(who has time for that stuff, I thought) on my way to bubble bath this Mood Boosting Blush Powder caught my eye. I curiously picked it up and took a big whiff, what happened next was surprising to this tired momma. The scent was a light floral with a tad bit of warm and just all around happy scented and I smiled. I felt “boosted”, hahaha but I was taken back, life slowed down for that moment and I smiled. Then I tossed it in my cart, got home and put it on my towel shelf in my closet(where I would go for a mommy time out, you do that too….right?). I would pick that up and just smell it when I needed a break quickly in the middle of my chaotic yet amazingly packed full momma schedule.

Once I started with Posh, I realized that our non-greasy Hand Cremes did that very same thing for me. The scents made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside which brought a big ole smile to my face. Filling up my self care bucket with just a few seconds of applying hand creme or holding my hand up to my face to breathe in the scent. Over the years I’ve got to share this little self care moment with so many other busy men and women and it’s something I still do to this day. Just taking a few minutes to apply, massage in and then breathe in the wonderful transporting scent.

Here’s a Mini Van unedited youtube tip video about our Hand Cremes that I recorded today for you to hear more about poshy Hand Cremes:



Thanks for reading.

Now go and put on a hand creme just so you can breath in it’s awesome scent to transport you out of your crazy stressful day, you deserve it!




When we first started this business almost 5 years ago.

“He doesn’t want your success he wants your surrender.” Heard this on K-Love the radio station today and it really made me think about this blessed posh journey that I’ve been on for these last 4.5 years. How I’ve seen the most success when I’ve slowed down and surrendered, every single time.
Fitting posh in my life has been my focus from day one of deciding to work this as a business, I used all of the small moments throughout my busy mom schedule to work and grow my business. Sacrificing my down time of watching my favorite shows, crafting projects or playing my fave video game to instead share pampering products with my friends that I loved. Achieving huge goals without sacrificing things that meant the most like my marriage, family, and friends. The biggest lesson I had to learn on this journey was to surrender and boy have I cherished the close relationship I’ve gained from letting go and letting God pave the way.
See I was a stay at home mom since high school, at that point for 10 solid years and I looked at being a SAHM as my career. Doing my best to keep a routine, plan learning time, set meal plans, keep a clean house, volunteer, play dates and everything else that I thought a SAHM was supposed to be doing. With 4 Little’s close in age(my pack of children as I call them) and being a military family there weren’t a ton of outside the home jobs available to me, for the longest time I was perfectly okay with that.
Then I had this tugging at my heart that I was made for more, to connect on a bigger level with more than just my kiddos and family. The desire to work was always there, not really knowing for certain what I’d be good at or how to use my skills for something bigger, I went to Proverbs 31 to truly calm myself and to seek where I was supposed to be. Then I found the world of network marketing, it was something that I could have fun sharing, do from home and connect with others. I’d never ever thought that I would be a sales person or a leader but here with this posh business it all came natural and wasn’t forced at all. To be honest I signed up for $99 just wanting a discount on these awesome products and truly not thinking this was the path for me but from day one I gave it all up to God.
But I kept hearing God’s voice in my heart getting louder and louder telling me to trust in the path he set in front of me. Like the first time I offered to send samples out to friends(of course I prayed and asked God to show me where to follow), the response was insane with almost 40 requests. So we got to work and got them all packed up to get mailed, mind you money was insanely tight for my family of 6, carrying 2 house payments and hubby was deployed. I remember driving on the highway to the post office with my bag full of pampering sample requests in the back seat of my minivan, tightly griping the steering wheel, knots in my stomach with how much this was about to cost. I calmed myself but surrendering with prayer and asking the lord to continue to bless this path. After waiting in the line, you know that crazy post office line(ha ha), I got up to the desk and the sweet lady used the most patience with my nearly 40 packages. When she rang up the last one and gave me my total, she kindly smiled and said “I’m going to bless you and pay half of your bill.” Goosebumps covered my body and I was shocked, blown away. I thanked her with tears in my eyes and told her how no one has ever blessed me like that, I’m typically the one getting to bless others. Her response? “Well now child, it’s my turn to bless you.” and so I came the next day and brought her a huge pampering basket! But never ever forgot that feeling of being blessed like that, at just the right moment I needed it. When you surrender, you are allowing the blessings to flow in your way.
After that day I surrendered it all and got to work, at first I was working like crazy and had no set boundaries and didn’t really have my own voice yet for our business. My passion for finding myself and pampering others was all I could hear ringing in my ears, enjoying every moment no matter how quickly it was moving. Posh was fitting in my life as a SAHM and the money I was bringing in saved us in so many ways while my husband was deployed, an absolute blessing from above.
I hadn’t hit rock bottom or seen a big change in my family or marriage but there was a feeling placed on my heart calling for balance. My kiddos were growing up so quickly, my hubby took a more challenging job and I was facing some big medical issues, yet I was pushing myself to keep up with everyone. This feeling was the same tugging that I felt years earlier but why now? When my business is growing great, providing for my family and I hadn’t hit a wall.
A feeling I couldn’t ignore, the voice of God saying, this is the path I want you on trust in me. Lean into me and follow what I’ve set up, don’t set your own plans over the path I’ve already laid. Use the gifts I’ve given you after all of these years of devoting your time to your family and community. Here is your warning, don’t wait until you crash from being unbalanced to slow down. So I set work hours, slowed down on events on the weekends, switched my focus on my business to be even more family friendly. My kids have always been a big part of the business for me, they get to be apart of nearly every aspect. Sharing our love for the products, pampering others and learning together what it means to run a successful business. All with trust that the Lord will provide as I follow and surrender.
Boy has he provided!! Since making a few changes I’ve been able to really find my business voice, grow to the top level of our company and grew even closer with my family. Just by surrendering when it didn’t fit into the plan I had set for myself. Surrendering to listen to the small voice can absolutely be nerve wracking because it can be the harder decision but the calmness and peace you get from following that plan is so incredible.
Surrendering is something that I’ve not only done in my business, but in all of my relationships as well. It’s the one thing that I know works no matter what I am facing or how upset I am, letting go and letting God by calmly surrendering is exactly what helps me overcome whatever is laid on my path.
What’s been tugging at your heart? Have you experienced the amazing feeling of surrendering? Listen and go DO it!!!

Blessings for now,