9th Annual Posh Blessings Snowflake Giveaway

It is time.❄️❄️Time for our traditional Snowflake Incentive!!! ❄️❄️❄️This is our 9th year doing this super fun giveaway with all of you—how many have you earned in the past??❄️ This year everyone can participate, tag your team mates and alllll of our customers too! ❄️ Simply place a $50+ order this month with any of partContinue reading “9th Annual Posh Blessings Snowflake Giveaway”

A little reminder

Here’s your reminder to be be mindful this week as you go about life. The more we pay attention to the small the things the bigger of an impact we can have on the world around us. To me, that’s the core of self care, starting with the small things because they truly have aContinue reading “A little reminder”

Team Posh Blessings: Connection

A little yet powerful message I wrote out to my incredible team mates this morning and thought it might be nice for others to read it too. Team Posh Blessings is more than just selling soaps and lotions, the amazing connection that is woven into our business is absolutely cherished and we are so gratefulContinue reading “Team Posh Blessings: Connection”

Take a break…..

Take a break, if you’re a Hamilton-Fan too, now you’ve got this song stuck in your head. Take a break. Often times I find myself overthinking this simple yet powerful task. I’ll talk myself out of taking just a few moments to fill up my cup by thinking about all of the other things thatContinue reading “Take a break…..”

Love yourself first.

Love yourself first, yep. That’s my message for today, maybe you need to hear that you need self care. Maybe you need to hear that it’s not selfish to invest in taking care of your body. Maybe you just need these words today. When taking the time to take care of the body you wereContinue reading “Love yourself first.”

Crazy Busy Work at Home Mom Life

Any boy moms out there relate to these dudes giving me a tough time about wearing pants today? They would be content with wearing their athletic shorts daily, no matter if it’s been raining or the temperature has dropped significantly. But today I had to push them to put the pants on just in caseContinue reading “Crazy Busy Work at Home Mom Life”

First Posh Experience

  December 2012, I finally broke down and gave my friend Trisha $20 telling her to give me some of that Posh stuff she kept posting about. Well she surely spoiled me with all sorts of posh goodies, including the Gender Bender bath chunk bar. Funny name, right? That was my first thought too andContinue reading “First Posh Experience”

Poshy Skin Care Routines

So many people are running around empty pouring out everything they have to those around them and often forget to stop to make sure their cup is also filled. Is that you too? It was 100% me before finding this product line, mom of 4-military wife-volunteer-on and on. That’s why I’ve always loved a solid skin care routine, that way I know I can fill up my cup daily by using really great ingredients, products that are fun, totally making me feel fabulous inside and out. 

Giving back with Posh Blessings

Our family has always had a giving heart and we’ve found ways to bless others no matter what kind of things we were facing in life. Now that we have Posh Blessings Inc we can not only bless many straight from our company but we can help others raise money for whatever cause, school, group,Continue reading “Giving back with Posh Blessings”

Scent is powerful.

Scent is powerful. One whiff and you are transported to your grandmother’s bathroom washing your hands with the orangeish-yellow Dial soap. Right? You remember the carpet under your toes, the warm fuzzy feeling of being where your parents grew up and just in the other room your amazing Grandmother is there to spoil you withContinue reading “Scent is powerful.”