Let’s begin.

There has always been something about a blank screen and the feel of the keys under my fingertips. My creative brain just loves being able to dump my thoughts out to share with anyone who’s interested. It helps me think clearer and sparks a fire within me that energizes my whole body. Do you know that feeling? The spark of motivation.

As I thought and brainstormed about the next big step in my business that I would take, blogging kept coming back to me over and over. I blogged quite a bit before I joined posh and even at the beginning of starting this business but got carried away with life and passion. It’s like my mind was screaming at me to slow down even more and share with everyone my thoughts once again. A blog, is exactly where I’m starting as a foundation to the big steps I’m planning to take in the near future. A place where you and I can connect, I can ramble about whatever is on my mind, you can see the behind the scenes of what working from home looks like, we can relate to being overwhelmed with life and do it all while being reminded that self-care isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

How often will I blog? Well I’m hoping I can get a few moments in each day just to write out whatever is on my heart but I don’t want to set something that isn’t attainable in my schedule. For now I want to see how it all fits in, kind of like I did my Posh business. I was already crazy busy when I added this business. Mom of 4, military wife, volunteer, and so on, growing Posh Blessings by finding the small moments in each day that I could share my passion. Fitting Posh in my life, so that is the plan for the blog as well.

What will I be sharing about? Well, our Posh Blessings business of course, being a work at home mom, military life, flea market finds, self care, spiritual journey, travel, gluten free life, and everything in between. This is going to be the place to truly connect, give tips and share my heart with whomever wants to follow. While doing giveaways, sharing videos, and hopefully encouraging fellowship with it all.

It’s spaghetti night and the kiddos are done with homework so I’d better get over there to start cooking.