9th Annual Posh Blessings Snowflake Giveaway

It is time.❄️❄️Time for our traditional Snowflake Incentive!!! ❄️❄️❄️This is our 9th year doing this super fun giveaway with all of you—how many have you earned in the past??❄️ This year everyone can participate, tag your team mates and alllll of our customers too! ❄️ Simply place a $50+ order this month with any of partContinue reading “9th Annual Posh Blessings Snowflake Giveaway”

Team Posh Blessings: Connection

A little yet powerful message I wrote out to my incredible team mates this morning and thought it might be nice for others to read it too. Team Posh Blessings is more than just selling soaps and lotions, the amazing connection that is woven into our business is absolutely cherished and we are so gratefulContinue reading “Team Posh Blessings: Connection”