You can do this.

Thoughts are the most powerful tools when you are facing obstacles that seem impossible. I’ve learned this from years of facing mountains and weathering storms.

You can do this.

These four words are often repeated over and over to myself until I actually believe it and by that time I’m usually through whatever I was facing. These four words come from the verse, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” (Philippians 4:13), I feel these four words deep in my bones.

You can do this.

Yep, most things I’ve faced in my life others just are puzzled that I made it through with such a positive attitude. From growing up in a tough childhood, being a teen mom, overcoming marriage obstacles, medical battles, grief and just plain life struggles. Even when I feel like I’m crumbling under the stress or feeling like this is going to be the thing that makes me snap-I remind myself-You can do this.

It may be terribly difficult, you may feel like you are falling apart the entire time, you may barely make it to the other side but the only way to do it is to go through it.

Yep, to embrace whatever is going to fly your way knowing that you can in fact do it. You can in fact withstand the rain pouring down all around you. You can in fact do the big scary work needed to get you through this.

There is no secret magic pill that makes everything you face turn into sunshine and rainbows. The truth is that the only thing in this life that you can control is your own attitude, your own thoughts which will lead you to the actions you choose in every situation. That’s no secret, just facts.

If you can wrap your brain and crisis routine(the go to dialogue that you repeat to yourself when something goes wrong) around that then you can seriously do this.

It will not be easy.

It will take practice.

You will fail over and over.

But never stop reminding yourself that you can do this because you can.

And you will be stronger as the rain stops pouring over you, when you make it to the other side, when the pain doesn’t hurt as freshly, when the wounds are healing because you can do this.

All of these thoughts have been swirling inside my brain as I’ve been struggling with this deployment in these last few days. The weight of the emotions comes and goes for me and the kids. Doesn’t matter what we have planned or how much we talk about our feelings, some days it just feels heavier. For me I feel like I’m moving in mud, weighed down and just plain sad.

With no end in site all I can do is say “You can do this.” Over and over. Because I can, it may not be fun or what I would choose for me and our family. I certainly would choose to always have our soldier home safe. But I know the only thing in life I can control is my thoughts, which then controls my actions.

You can do this.

Even if it means just sitting in your feelings because your brain is too foggy to do anything else.

Even if it means putting on a smile and forcing yourself to get the things done that need to be completed.

Even if it means repeating those special four words just long enough to make it through the day.

Life is tough but it’s incredibly beautiful too. Even when you face hard things there is joy around you and that joy is what will help propel you through this because yes-You can do this!



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